Trust needs honesty and respectability; to shoulder responsibility means to align Courage, Heart and Intellect!

My strategic management targets

Management with leadership, calmness and intellect


- To ask analytical strategic questions why we are here and what we intend

 - To create strategies and solutions in dialog with partners and stakeholder

 - To bring solutions into structures

 - To guide people in and through the change to give people leadership

 - To negotiate secretly with stakeholders to open up the way for hardened positions

 - To optimize processes for a  better customer journey 

 - To change things which have to be changed 


Working Experience:


June. 17- dato          Selfemployed - DE ARNOLDI GmbH
Strategy - Intermediation - Advisory Council, Real Estate Developments, M&A, Finance
PPV-Consult GmbH, Preferred Partner Vienna, Advisory, Partner
EUROVIO GmbH, Industrial Advisory, Partner

   Feb. 2020 - dato    Octagon Digital Real Estate T&TM Ltd. Cyprus, Shareholder, Advisor

   April 18- dato       Erste&Steiermärkische Bank d.d., Croatia, Advisory Board Member
Member Risk Committee, Member Credit Committee


 Jan.11 - June 17       HYPO NOE Gruppe Bank AG, Vienna – Member of the Board

                                  Group CRO, CFO & COO

    HYPO NOE Landesbank AG (retail bank), Member of the supervisory board;

    Head of Credit-, Risk- and Audit-Committee 

                                  Niederösterreichische Immobilien Development AG, Chairman of the
 supervisory board; Real Estate Developments in Vienna and Lower Austria.
 Pfandbriefstelle d. Ö. Hypothekenbanken, President of the board of directors;
 Pfandbriefbank (Ö) AG, Chairman of   the supervisory board;
 Hypo Haftungs GmbH (deposit protection), Member of the supervisory board;
 NÖ-Vorsorgekasse AG (provision fund), Chairman of the supervisory board;


Jan. 10 – Dec.10      BAWAG PSK AG, Wien

                                 Sales Director Industry, Sales responsibility Austria and CEE, SEVP


June 90 – Dec.09     Creditanstalt- Bank Austria International - Hypo Vereinsbank - UniCredit Group Vienna-Munich-Milan

                                 CRO Division – Senior Risk Management (direct reporting to the Board)

                                 International Bank Career - Riskmanagement - Leading people to understand
                                 Credit Risk, Risk/Reward logic and to drive Portfolio Risk for a good

                                 profitability. Europe, USA, SA, Singapore, Hongkong, Africa, CEE/SEE,

   Credit Decision Authority € 100 Mio


Oct. 85 – Feb. 90     IJS - Computer/Mannesmann Kienzle: 
Sales Representative for SME & Banks


Oct. 85 – June 88     HWU  Hochschülerschaft an der Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien (Students Union)
Executive Chairman HWU, Financial Advisor,
personal liable Manager of WU-Ball




March-April 2014    Strategy Management Course by National Defense Academy on behalf of the Government of Austria

2010-2020                sev. Supervisory Board Courses, Compliance and Money Laundering Trainings,                                   advanced training courses in regard to Fit & Proper necessities

1990-2009                Total Management Education and several Trainings by the Corporate Training
                                  Academy of Creditanstalt/Bank Austria/HVB/UniCredit-Group

 March 90                 Vienna University for Economics and Business

                                 (Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien, Mag.rer.soc.oec.), Bank and Industrial Management, Management Information Systems; Thesis: KIES, Electronic Business Game for Executive Training

June 81                     Handelsakademie I der Wiener Kaufmannschaft, Wien, College-Diploma



Oct. 81 -        Officers Training  
2002              First Lieutenant; Deputy Commander & Liaison Officer 

                             Command Courses for the Armed Forces I,II,III und Battlefield Management II             


 German (Mother tongue), English (fluent), French (Basic) 


Honorary Functions and Memberships:

Honorary Consul Côte d'Ivoir

Order of St. George Knights – Commander Vienna-Belvedere

Cavaliere di San Marco

Senat of Economy (Senator)
EULEAD - President of the Advisory Council

StupRes – Ressort Stuppach, honorary President of the Advisory Council

Austrian British Society

Austrian Chinese Business Association
Friends of the Deutschmeisterbattalion (Military Traditional Club, Auditor)
K.S. Circle (Business Club)
Officers Club Lower Austria;
Club Belvedere


Honorary Distinctions:

Knight’s Cross in Silver - Officers Club Lower Austria 

Medal of Honor – Cross of the Deutschmeister Order 

Cross of the Order of Merit – Austrian Army


Personal Data:

Elisenstrasse 69                                                          Born.:   October 24, 1961, Munich, Germany 

A-1230 Vienna, Austria                                             Citizenship: Austria 

Mobil: +43 664 9647289                                           Family Status: married since 1987,
E-Mail:                                                3 grown up Kids



Politics, Economics, Golf, Garden, Computer, Music, International Relations and Cultures