Risks are not bad; they are indications of earnings opportunities that need to be properly assessed. The assessment and monetary assessment of the resulting opportunities is a central field of corporate management. Without a clear target image and description of the way to get there, a company wanders around in the sea of the market. Only the recognition of the path and the goal brings lasting and well-deserved success. Human patterns and motives are of crucial importance here - both inside and outside the company. The customer promise is derived from the strategic goal, the ingredients and customer descriptions complement the vision of the future that needs to be fulfilled. A simple CANVAS can help you structure your company properly. We together with our partners help you to correctly sort the risks and opportunities and to formulate them into a corporate goal and mission statement.


Entrepreneurial activity is always associated with risks. Larger and smaller, known, unknown acquaintances and unknown unknowns. The first are easy to assess and mapped in the business model. The second are risks where you know that they can only be explored and mapped inadequately. You counter them in the calculation with insurance surcharges. You can only protect yourself against the latter with sufficient strategic reserves. You have to build this up in good time and secure it strategically *.


Entrepreneurship is like an officer leading on the battlefield. It is important to assess enemies and allies, to use the forces wisely, to hold reserves and always to pay attention to risks that arise and to react, to ensure the supply and the connections and to always keep an eye on the goal and the mission.




* ERGO/MunichRe, for example, offers corresponding products such as the Risk Management with the flexible retirement/ insurance mantled/ account. More details at: +436649647289 a partner of:


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