Investment-Opportunity for our online driven real estate trade with special characteristics - Early Birds get a special condition or have special possibilities! From € 20,000 you will be there.


We are currently in the start-phase, whereby we have already tested the business model for 8 (eight) years. We created an extraordinary investment opportunity to build up the war chest for our conservative business model in digitized form with a very good interest rate. For higher investments, we can come up with a special treat!


The brochure below provides information about our business model and the investment options after the start-phase. If you are interested, write to me at: or just give me a call: +436649647289



Investment Opportunity - Real Estate Portal



What?             Investing in existing properties, renovating, upgrading, recapitalizing: High return on low risk


Why?               Existing properties are usually affordable to acquire, the market is stable to growing, and can be recapitalized without any development risk. The expected increase in value is 25-35% for return.


How?              Buy, vacate, refurbish, sell apartments, sometimes rent them back to the seller. Focus: Listen carefully and solve the problem of the homeowner.              


 Where            does capital come from? On the one hand, investors who can expect to make a profit in the short term, but also from sources of debt in the long term.


 How               does the model work? Low administration costs, automated business processes, professional and transparent data preparation. This results in attractive returns and high satisfaction.


 How               much should be earned? According to the Business Plan (available on request), EBITDA is 1,3 M€ p.a. in the base case, amount to 0.5 M€ in the worst case, an additional upside of up to 7 million is possible with steady growth and corresponding capital raising.


 Size                 of the potential investment?

 -        Subordinated loan, from € 20,000,-, term 5 years, return before tax. 8%

 -        Subordinated loan, from € 50,000,-. term 5 years, return before tax. 9%

 -        Subordinated loan, from € 100,000,-, term 5 years, return before tax. 9% + upside from profit and cash (1%/50k (according to Conserv.Case ca 9k/pa from Y3)

 -        silent Equity from € 50,000,- for 2% shares


This is not a public offer. Any investments are only available after a strict registration and qualifying process.